VR Mental Health

In this project, we are using VR 360 for an immersive interactive video storytelling method of health promotion. Talking about one’s feelings is helpful. However, due to stigma, many people with depression keep the suffering to themselves. In this VR environment, we used 360-degree videos to reproduce a counseling session in virtual reality that provides users an opportunity to vent out, without the fear of stigma or discrimination.

  • Date
    • 2017-Current
  • Related Publications
    • Syed Ali Hussain, Taiwoo Park, Irem Gokce Yildirim, and Zihan Xiang. Virtual Reality-based Counseling for People with Mild Depression. HCI International 2018, ICA 2018. (Accepted)

Trapped! Escape room

Trapped! was a Halloween-themed virtual reality escape room, in which multiple puzzles needed to be solved in order to escape the dungeon. Players were given access to numerous objects within an immediate distance of them that pertained to three separate puzzles: mixing a potion in a certain order, identifying patterns in given objects, and recognizing feedback obtained in experimentation. Players perceive their environment through the use of riddles presented in-game, allowing for a grounded approach to puzzle-solving. Furthermore, the dungeon is complete with a Halloween-themed aesthetic, including some original models and music from the team members themselves. Very spooky.

An escape room was previously developed by Byron Lau, Sage Miller, and Yilang Zhao for internal use. Trapped! was adapted from the structure of the previous iteration — the dimensions of the room, location of the door and keypad, etc. — but incorporated new puzzles and items, in addition to a complete environment overhaul.

  • Date
    • 2017-Current
  • Role
    • Project Advisor and Player Experience Researcher

VR Baseball Simulator

VR test sports simulator environment.

See how far you can hit pumpkins in this Halloween-themed VR baseball batting simulator! With a variety of bats, T-ball & Pitcher modes, and a detailed baseball stadium, enjoy sending pumpkins to infinity!

  • DATE
    • 2017-Current
  • ROLE
    • Project Advisor and User Experience Specialist (with Sage Miller, Byron Lau, Yilang Zhao)

World of Riders

World of Riders is a hybrid online multiplayer exergame developed for virtual reality and mobile platforms. In the game, players exist as boat riders who must cooperate to defeat a massive behemoth in the center of the lake. The game play demands teamwork from players, and is designed to effectively simulate high intensity interval training (HIIT).

We presented this project at the MSU Student Design Competition in ACM CHI Play’16 and Meaningful Play’16. You can see our extended abstract here. You can also see our presentation at the CHI Play Design Competition here.

Project Website

  • Related Activities
      • Lucas Martins de Souza, Taiwoo Park, Irem Gokce Yildirim, Anna Kolesnichenko. World of Riders – Exercising is Fun.
        ACM CHIPlay Student Game Competition, October 2016
        Meaningful Play Game Exhibition, October 2016

Interactive Theatre

  • Game Screenshot

Designed and implemented a prototype of interactive content for a group of 10 to 30 players. Players collaborate to solve a variety of puzzle games together, using gesture interaction enabled by wristwatch-type motion sensors.

  • Date
    • 2007
  • In collaboration with ESL Edu, Inc. for frontend
  • Client
    • Daejeon EXPO Science Park

Mobile 3D Jenga

  • Splash Screen of the Game

Developed mobile 3D puzzle game using 3D graphics and network library on WIPI C/C++ platform (a substitute of Brew™ and had been widely used in Korea). Has won the first individual mobile 3D game development contest of Korea Telecom in 2004. (with Kyu-ho Han)

Commercialized by LiveZen Co., and achieved 10,000+ downloads via Korea Telecom. App Market in 2005.